About Us

Little by little, one travels far.

I suppose a more accurate quote would be, “little by little, two travel far” but we’re not the type of people to nitpick. We are the type of people, though, who want to see the world and everything in it. One trip at a time. For us, travel doesn’t mean quitting our jobs, leaving our families, and backpacking our way through hostels around the world. It’s an every day part of our “normal” lives – young married professionals, living in a city, working in an office, going to the gym, and planning a trip whenever possible.

Traveling is the most romantic thing we do together, and we get to reignite that romance with every flight booked and picture taken and bite eaten [regardless of where we may be]. Some couples have date nights to keep the love alive, we have date flights.

HER: Erica, the closet nerd, is an asset-based lending guru from 9-5 and aspiring confectioner at most other hours (seriously, you need to try these cupcakes). Her favorite Date Flights city to date is Florence, Italy and her favorite restaurant for a romantic evening is Grotto in Boston.

HIM: Mike, the ex-college football stud, is a performance-analytics software salesman from 9-5, who also happens to be a fan of baking homemade bread and drinking wine (at all other hours). His favorite Date Flights destination is also Firenze (we did get engaged & married there) and his favorite date restaurant is Marco G’s in Rome.


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